Improving Disaster Response Through Disaster Simulation

International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change (IJICC)

ISSN: 2201-1323

Vol. 5 Iss 4

Desember 2019

Pages: 640-653

Abstract: Disaster preparedness is a basic need of each region to reduce the risk of disasters that can occur without knowing the time and place. Therefore, prevention is needed with the right methods so that the risk of disasters that occur, especially regarding human victims, can be minimised. The target of this disaster simulation activity is the students of Malang State University. There were 85 participants in this activity. This disaster simulation activity was carried out with the following methods: (1) lecture; and (2) simulation. The disaster simulation activity was directly guided and directed by Indonesian Red Cross Malang Regency (PMI Kabupaten Malang Indonesia), assisted by a team of Voluntary Corps Indonesian Red Cross Unit Universitas Negeri Malang (KSR PMI Unit UM). The simulation refers to a scenario designed by the KSR PMI Unit UM. The conditions for handling disaster victims include: minor injuries, moderate injuries, serious injuries, and death victims. Handling of victims is guided by the distribution of disaster simulation teams (seven teams). The victim scenario is designed in such a way that aims to increase participants’ understanding of the handling of injuries suffered by victims with various variations. Pages 640 to 653

Keywords: disaster simulation, disaster response